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Resistance is a national liberation movement according to international law

Dr. Abdul Latif Omran

Today, an inhumane pandemic is spreading in the world with the increasing Zionist-American tendency to violate international humanitarian law in this region of the world. This requires resisting, not only in accordance with the work rules of the World Health Organization, Doctors Without Borders, which have clearly condemned Zionist occupation authorities practice against the Palestinians, but also in accordance with general international law, and to the United Nations Charter. Resistance in the countries of this region becomes an obligatory national liberation movement, humanitarian and legal necessity as well, knowing that “national liberation movements” are absent today in terminology and in practice, but if the United States continues with this brutality and arrogance, the peoples of the world will witness the manifestation of these movements, the first of which is the peoples of Europe .

Minister of War of the Zionist occupation “justified” in the first week of the war on Gaza the cutting off water, food, medicine, and electricity to the Palestinians, because they were “human animals that we must fight”. Then, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, responded indirectly to him and to the crimes of the Zionist occupation forces: (It is not permissible to violate international humanitarian law, which no one may violate… Even wars have rules… and this is the law of the International Criminal Court). Then he threatened to use Article 99 of the Charter of Nations which it was implemented, but the violation and infringement continued with the American veto.

Considering that the Minister of War of the Zionist occupation declared publicly that the Palestinians are “human animals,” and considering that his government is behaving inhumane, racist, and brutal behavior as well, it has become necessary to rehabilitate UN Resolution No. 3379 of 1975, which considered: (Zionism is a form of racial discrimination. And all countries of the world must resist the Zionist ideology, which poses a threat to global peace and security). However, this decision, along with the Madrid Peace Conference in 1991, was unfortunately canceled by a majority vote. With the return of the occupying entity to persist in its policies of racism, settlement, occupation, killing and destruction, mobilizing resistance becomes a duty that derives its legitimacy from general international law in light of the inability of the official regime, or the national authorities, to confront the illegal occupation forces, and this is not only in Palestine, but in the countries of the region. All of them are in which the illegal occupation forces are deployed, although some of them fall under deceit and lies under names such as military bases, international coalition forces, etc.

Today, President Biden and Joseph Borrell separately declared “major shifts in world public opinion” against the Zionist occupation entity, and “that its practices in Palestine are worse than what Europe witnessed from the Nazi occupation forces in World War II”.

For those who do not know, they should know that Resisting the Zionist occupation, and others in the region, comes within the context of national liberation movements approved by international law, especially in UN Resolution No. 3103 of 1978, considering that all the peoples of the world whose lands were historically occupied have resorted to armed resistance in defense of their land, independence, sovereignty and freedom, and this is a bright side. In the global humanitarian heritage, this resolution considered: (The struggle of peoples to determine their fate is a legitimate struggle consistent with the principles of public international and humanitarian law), and this law also considered: (The occupying authorities do not have a sovereign right over the occupied territories) and this applies to the fate of the occupying forces other than Legitimacy and military bases in a number of countries in the region, which makes the resistance forces fall within the context of national liberation movements that are legitimate in international law, as long as foreign forces on national territory are illegal neither legally, nor morally, nor humanely and nor nationally. It is not possible to curb popular resistance in these countries where the occupation forces have deliberately weakened the state. It is known historically that popular resistance escalates in response to attempts to weaken the state.

The problem with the Zionist-American occupation forces in the region today is not only a problem of geographical occupation of the land, but rather of the ambitions of occupying decision-making and will, sanctities and capabilities, political, economic and social influence and blackmail.

This falsification of history, and its legendary transformation into fabricated past rights, all of which is accompanied by laughter at Beards with the narrative of Talmudic spiritual diplomacy and the Abrahamic agreements on the remains of children, doctors, journalists, women and the elderly under the rubble. He who fights – as he says – human monsters is a racist, genocidal, colonial settler, whose ambitions are not limited to the geography of the earth, but rather to its history, its surroundings, its sanctities, and the will of its peoples. This is what makes the resistance a national liberation movement, and a self-determination movement recognized by public international law, as well as humanitarian law.

The Zionist-American occupation forces and their alliances in the region are impossible to be civilized or humanitarian, and if some Arab official regimes stand torn between the isthmus of the freedom of their homelands and resistance to occupation that is far beyond geographical, then we must all know: the Arab land is not for a generation or two, nor are the Islamic and Christian sanctities, even sovereignty and rights..