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Final statement of PUIC standing Palestine Committee: Perpetrators of war crimes in Gaza to be brought to international justice

SANA -10 January 2024

Extraordinary Meeting of the PUIC standing Palestine Committee called for bringing the perpetrators of war crimes and genocide from the leaders of the Israeli occupation entity against the Palestinian people to international justice, and condemning the US’s participation in the aggression against the Gaza Strip.

The final statement of the emergency meeting held in Tehran stated: “We demand that the Israeli perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide be brought to international justice,” calling on “international legal and human rights institutions to move to punish the Zionist entity and oblige it to provide financial compensation  to the Palestinians, in addition to assigning legal experts preparing documents on the crimes, with the aim of prosecuting Israel at international courts.”

The statement called for “condemning US participation in the aggression, whether through supplying the Zionist entity with the American war machine, or through protecting and covering its crimes in international forums.”

It also stressed that “war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed by the Zionist entity constitute blatant and deliberate violations of international laws and the relevant UN resolutions,” calling on the international community to “assume its full responsibilities to condemn and stop these violations immediately.”

The Palestinian Cause “will remain the central issue of the Islamic nation, and Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Palestinian state, and it is the Palestinian people who decide their fate by their will.” the final statement highlighted.

The concluding statement rejected “the forced displacement of the Palestinians and the continuation of provocative and violent actions carried out by Israeli settlers”, and demanded the cessation of these operations and the return of all Palestinian refugees to their homeland.

The statement underscored “full support for the resistance of the Palestinian people, as resistance to any occupation is considered a legitimate right for all peoples,” calling on “all governments worldwide to “bear their responsibilities fairly and transparently in their judgment of the barbaric aggression launched by the Zionist entity against the Palestinians.”

The final statement called for “an immediate cessation of hostilities in Gaza and the entire Palestinian territories, the withdrawal of the Zionist entity’s army, in addition to “coordinating efforts to deliver humanitarian aid, carry out the necessary financial assistance, support projects and investments, and make all the efforts possible to stop Zionist plans for settlement and annexation in the West Bank.