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“Wikipedia” stands in solidarity with Palestine and raises four noes

Ghalia Khoja

How beautiful it is for every Gregorian year to be specific to a civilized country on the planet. This is a proposal that may be achieved through the United Nations, and it begins with this year of ours, 2024, to be a Palestinian year, demanding that the whole world has the right of the Palestinian people to their homeland, because, then, it will be a civilized and just world. He does not stand idly by and watch the Zionist entity’s murderous massacres of children, women, the defenseless, the innocent, the sick, and the fetuses in their mothers’ wombs, annihilating an entire people, an entire land, and displacing an entire people since the year of the Nakba, diaspora, and occupation of 1948.

Isn’t it time for the world to stand with just truth and comprehensive peace? Or did humanity migrate from Earth?

With all confidence, the world rose up from East to West as it saw with its own eyes what the Zionist criminals were doing to the Palestinian Arab people, the original inhabitants of Palestine, and with all confidence, it saw how the Palestinians defended their land, their homeland, their legitimate right, their humanity, their peace, and the peace of the world. He defended and resisted until martyrdom and death before tyrants that would collapse in the same way. A moment with the Palestinian year, which many thinkers, researchers, writers and politicians spoke about, in solidarity with the just Palestinian cause. Many Syrian, Arab and international artists also sang about its freedom, and its flood epic was painted by many painters and plastic artists, including the Jordanian artist Osama Hajjaj, who expressed in one of his paintings “a tragedy.” The “realistic” destruction resulting from the Zionist entity’s annihilation of the resistant, steadfast residents of Gaza, leaving a window of hope and life that passes through the number 4 for the year 2024, after the occupier destroyed life and humanity together, but the open window from the number four gives the two young Palestinian children a view of the light, the sun, the sky, the trees, and life. To complete the liberation saga and continue heading to reach this gate, past the smoke of burning shells in their homes along with the cracked buildings of Gaza.

The majority of cultural, cognitive, scientific, and media bodies, governmental and non-governmental, private and international, real and virtual, have expressed their solidarity with the right of the Palestinian people, and among these electronic bodies is the encyclopedia “Wikipedia,” whose logo, “the logo that resembles the globe with the letters of the alphabet,” wore the Palestinian flag and the keffiyeh. The words at the head of the Free International Encyclopedia shined on a wide black background. The first sentence and the last sentence were written in white with four no’s, while the words following the no’s were written in purple blood between the beginning and the conclusion: “In solidarity with the right of the Palestinian people… No to genocide in Gaza… No to killing civilians… No to targeting hospitals and schools… No to misinformation and double standards… Stop the war… and spread just and comprehensive peace.”

This message, which is open to all parties and consciences, will continue its presence in concert with the consciences of the world until the Palestinian right is returned to its people, and the Zionist terrorist entity is transferred to its supporters who embrace it. I wish America would grant it one of its mandates so that peace could be achieved on the land of peace.